If you are a beneficiary

Title Research is a specialist research firm with 45 years experience in tracing missing beneficiaries all over the world.

Why have you contacted me?
We have usually contacted you because you may be entitled to benefit from money or assets belonging to someone who has passed away. It might be that you have been named in a will. If the deceased has died without leaving a will, you might be entitled to benefit from their estate because you are in some way related to the deceased (see Rules of Intestacy). We always approach beneficiaries sensitively and we never conceal the name of the Deceased when making our enquiries.

We might also have contacted you if you can help us find a missing beneficiary. We only contact people if we have been instructed by solicitors, banks or corporate trustees dealing with the estate of the Deceased.

What happens after you have contacted me?
Once we have located all missing beneficiaries, the solicitors, bank or corporate trustee distributing the estate will contact you directly to arrange distribution of your entitlement. This may be some months after we have contacted you and depends on the complexity of the case. It is important to let us know if you change your address.

Can you tell me how much I am entitled to?
Our role is to find missing beneficiaries. Once your entitlement has been
confirmed, the solicitors, bank or corporate trustee distributing the estate will contact you with further details about what you are due.

Will I be charged a percentage of my entitlement for your work?
No! Our fees will always be paid by the solicitors, bank or corporate trustee distributing the estate. We charge our clients a fixed fee or a time based fee for finding missing beneficiaries. We passionately believe every beneficiary should receive everything they are entitled to. That’s why our charges are never a percentage of your entitlement.

Percentage fees

Have you been asked to sign-up to a percentage fee by an heir locator firm? Read our advice guide.

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