Sscch - you know who…

Whether or not you’re old enough to remember William Franklin’s voice-over for countless Schweppes TV advertisements, you might, as a probate practitioner, have suffered the symptoms of a slight hangover from dealing with estates that own shares in Cadbury Schweppes plc as was. Nicholas Beetham considers why…
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Tracing Beneficiaries – Top Tips for Avoiding Risk

Personal Representatives may be tempted to try their hand at 'DIY' detective work to locate missing heirs, but amateur research can have disastrous consequences.  More •

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is…

We have seen first hand how the economic downturn has led people to pursue questionable investments both in the UK and abroad. There are ways of protecting your client from fraudulent assets, or at least managing their expectations about the value of shares they hold. More •

Bring your online life down to earth

As more and more of us move our lives into the online world, Craig Williams, Partner at B P Collins LLP, says it’s important to ensure essential information doesn’t get lost in cyberspace.
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The Legal World on its Future - Winmark

The Winmark Looking Glass report 2012 has taken the views of leaders in the legal profession to highlight drivers of change in the sector. Alex Wright, Head of Research at Winmark, reports on an industry in transition. More •

Solicitors Accounts Rules 2011 - Sense at last?

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Estate practitioners take on ABS challenge

What will be the impact of intensified competition on wills and probate practitioners, and how should they prepare for the challenge? More •

Professor Stephen Mayson on the case for reserving wills & probate

Professor Stephen Mayson of the Legal Services Institute shares his views on the case for reserving wills and probate work. More •

Preparing for ABS – should firms go local or national?

As the introduction of ABS fast approaches, we address the key question of whether to promote your brand locally or nationally. More •

Do 40%* of family trees miss out entitled beneficiaries?

Jonathan Verrill highlights the risks of relying on family tree information provided by relatives. More •

No apparent next of kin? How apparently bona vacantia estates can yield instructions as well as heir

Gill Steel of Lawskills explains the importance of not only undertaking a bankruptcy search on beneficiaries prior to distribution, but also on the date the Deceased passed away. More •

Back to basics - Bankrupt beneficiaries - How to avoid negligence

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Statutory Wills - Assessing capacity and managing risk

Advice from Brian Bacon on asessing capacity when drawing up a statutory Will and the factors to consider to minmise risk for the private client practitioner. More •

Sitting in the armchair of the consumer

Gill Steel looks at the importance of understanding your business by sitting in the armchair of the consumer. More •

EXCLUSIVE: STEP CEO interviewed by Neil Rose

The first in our series of interviews with 'Movers & Shakers'. Find out what David Harvey, CEO of STEP, thinks about the introduction of ABS's and the regulatory landscape for trust and estate practitioners. Also, read his views on the debate over reserved legal activities and the recent report by Professor Stephen Mayson. A must read for the Trust & Estate practitioner. More •

BBC Radio 4 - The pitfalls of inheriting overseas assets

Julia Szczepanski, General Manager of Title Research, was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4's flagship You & Yours programme on the challenges of overseas probate and the need to seek legal advice. Click on the link below to listen to our clip. More •

The 'Fairness Campaign' - one year on

We reflect back over the Title Research 'Fairness Campaign' to end excessive heir hunter fees. In a challenging economic environment, consumers and the legal profession, have become far more focused on value for money and getting a fair deal for themselves and their clients. More •

David McGrady, President of ILEX on ABS's

Ken Clarke, Justice Secretary, says ABSs are going to be the legal profession’s equivalent of the “Big Bang” that occurred in the financial sector in the 1980s. What the Ministry of Justice hopes will come about and what the profession, the new providers and the public do, maybe something entirely different. More •

Latest research: opportunities with the over 50's market

The legal market is under pressure to find innovative ways of gaining and retaining new clients. Consumer magazines targeted at the over 50's represent an opportunity for practitioners to engage with a growing market, as the latest statistics show an ageing population. More •

Will-writing furore sparks debate over probate regulation

Neil Rose, Editor of legal regulation website Legal Futures, considers the recent arguments over making will-writing a reserved legal activity. Neil Rose is also editor of the Legal Executive Journal and writes for The Times and Guardian newspapers. More •

VIEWPOINT - Non-Domicile & Residence Tax Rules

Jeffrey Cohen, Partner at Davenport Lyons, examines tax rule changes for non-domiciles over the past three years. More •

The Rules of Intestacy explained

Kevin Cole, Case Manager at Title Research, sets out the Rules of Intestacy that apply under the Administration of Estates Act 1925 More •

Transferring US assets to the UK - your questions answered

Samantha Waller, Case Manager in the Asset Valuation and Transfer team, explains why dealing with US assets can be a time consuming process. More •

Are trustees protected by s.27 Trustee Act 1925 notices?

In light of the recent pension trust case of AON Pension Trustees Ltd. v MCP Pension Trustees Ltd, Gill Steel of Law Skills explains why it is important to keep full and up to date trust records which are easily passed from one administrator to another. More •

So you need a new trustee?

Gill Steel of LawSkills Consultancy & Training, considers the practice points and options available when appointing new or additional trustees. More •

Further information on the Ontario government's decision to curb excessive heir hunter fees.

The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee of Ontario (OPGT) explains the reasoning behind the Ontario Government's decision to curb excessive heir hunter charges. More •

The curious case of the client that disappeared in the night

Gill Steel of LawSkills Ltd provides advice on stray estate funds and paying money into Court. More •

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 Code of Practice

Denzil Lush explains sections 42 and 43 of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 relating to the preparation and publication of a code of practice. More •

French revolution - finding missing beneficiaries in France

Louise Daubeny of Title Research assesses the particulars of genealogical research in France. More •

The who, the where and the how much

Neil Kevan considers the process of finding lines of entitlement and its benefit. More •

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