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About Us

What we do
Title Research is one of the leading experts in specialised people tracing and asset repatriation services worldwide. We value, sell and transfer UK and foreign shareholdings. Our expertise and reputation for quality has been developed over 50 years.

Our tracing teams can locate missing heirs, policy holders, landowners and other asset owners or missing persons. Our asset repatriation experts sell and transfer overseas property, land, shares and bank account funds.

Who we work for
We work for a diverse range of clients including professional service firms, financial institutions, public bodies, major corporations and membership bodies from all sectors.  

How we work
Our staff are highly trained in people tracing and complex forensic research both in the UK and around the world. Our clients come back to us year after year and 9 out 10 clients would recommend us to a colleague.

Our commitment to quality ensures you receive the very highest level of service standards. Through our Fairness Campaign, we have publicly campaigned for fair charging in our industry. We take a fair-minded and flexible approach to fees based on pre-agreed budgets.

Registered in England No.1115250. Registered Offices: Title Research Ltd, Parsonage Lane, Bath, BA1 1ER.

A fair share

  • At the heart of Title Research is a human story about entitlement
  • Our passion is to ensure that every person receives what he or she is entitled to
  • We offer transparent charging either fixed fee or time based

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