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If you are an executor or administrator

The role of the Personal Representative to a deceased estate is not always as straightforward as it might be. Typically, there may be problems in establishing the correct lines of entitlement for the estate’s distribution, and in identifying estate assets and their whereabouts. Title Research is a specialist research firm employed by solicitors to solve these problems.

It is likely, therefore, that a solicitor helping you administer an estate has recommended to you the use of our services. This may be to trace missing beneficiaries and undertake family tree research and/or to research and repatriate estate assets such as shares or overseas property.

We can assist you throughout the administration from locating a single missing beneficiary named in a Will to developing the full family tree of someone who has died intestate. Our team of expert researchers tackle even the hardest cases, producing a family tree and report that protects you by always identifying the correct entitlement for every person. We provide you with the documentary evidence to prove the entitlement of the beneficiaries and present our detailed results with clarity.

We maximise and protect the value of the estate for you by identifying, locating and valuing assets, including transferring or repatriating overseas assets to the UK.

Our role is to support you in fulfilling your duties as a Personal Representative. Our services provide you with reassurance and comfort that all reasonable steps to identify assets and locate missing beneficiaries have been undertaken. For complete peace of mind we can arrange indemnity cover in the event of a wrongful distribution, protecting you personally from claims on the estate.

Our fees are never a percentage of a beneficiary’s entitlement as we believe that this payment model results in excessive charging to an individual beneficiary, when “best practice” dictates that charges incurred in administering and distributing the estate should be borne by the estate as a whole.

Advice for Personal Representatives

Read our advice guide for Executors and Administrators and find out how we can protect you from risk in estate administration.

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