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 Family Checker™

In 40% of cases where Title Research has been asked to check the accuracy of family trees prior to distribution, we have found mistakes or gaps in research.

Our new service, Family Checker™, provides you with a low cost opinion on family tree information provided by relatives or friends of the Deceased. Our professional probate genealogist's opinion will identify potential gaps or inaccuracies in the family tree that may require further investigation, reducing your exposure to risk.

Personal Representatives and their advisors have a legal obligation to distribute to those entitled. To help minimise the risk of distributing the estate incorrectly, we suggest undertaking Family Checker™ on intestate and partially intestate estates when the family tree has not been supplied by a professional.

We will:
  • Check the family tree information prior to distribution
  • Give our professional opinion* as to whether the information is correct within 48 hours of receiving the tree
  • Identify potential mistakes or omissions in the tree
  • Provide a quote to locate any ‘unknown’ beneficiaries or subsequently their issue if predeceased**

Our fee:

£150 fixed fee plus VAT for all tree sizes

To find out more or for an initial discussion of your case please contact Jonathan Verrill on +44 (0)20 7332 9090 or fill out our online enquiry form here.

* Family Checker™ is available for research based in England, Wales & Scotland.
** Subsequent research will be quoted separately and undertaken upon the express instruction of the client.


Do 40%* of family trees miss out entitled beneficiaries?

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