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Missing beneficiary insurance

Title Research can arrange Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance that enables the Personal Representatives to distribute the estate to known beneficiaries in the secure knowledge that if unknown or missing beneficiaries come forward after the date of distribution, the value of their entitlement will be paid out by the insurer.

Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance can be a useful support to genealogical research where:
  • Available background information makes effective research impracticable
  • Research has been undertaken but has proved inconclusive
  • All potential beneficiaries are believed to have been located but sufficient doubt remains as to make "comfort" insurance cover desirable.
Insurers do not see Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance as a substitute for systematic research but, rather, as a supplement to it. Insurers therefore generally require a genealogist’s report before considering cover. In certain circumstances, especially if the value of the funds is low, insurers may not require professional research, but this is rare.

We are also able to arrange insurance cover in the event that a valid will, or later will, comes to light after the distribution of an estate. See our WillSearch section for more details.

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