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Family Tree Verification

Family Tree Verification

With 40% of the family trees we examine containing some form of inaccuracy, family relationships are not always as straightforward as they may seem. We would always recommend verification of a family tree to reduce the risk of unknown heirs coming forward after distribution.

Avoid inconsistencies, create certainty.

Our genealogy experts provide a service that checks for any inconsistencies, usually required in cases of full or partial intestacy, that may require further investigation.

This provides added peace of mind and clarity to Personal Representatives, as well as reducing their risk, although it’s worth noting that we won’t actually make contact with any relatives to formally confirm their identities, so this level of research is not suitable for insurance purposes.

Help provide peace of mind for Personal Representatives


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Family Tree Verification
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Family tree reconstructions – When family relationships are not what they seem

Title Research reconstructs and verifies hundreds of family trees every year.  In many cases, legal professionals approach us with partially constructed family relationships that need to be validated...

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