First cousin? Second cousin? Who’s counting…?

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Missing beneficiary in Thailand – located in just one week!

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Rest assured we are the Medallion Guarantee experts

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Stamp of Assurance: The Story of Medallion Signature Guarantees

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Tracing Beneficiaries – Top Tips for Avoiding Risk

Personal Representatives may be tempted to try their hand at 'DIY' detective work to locate missing heirs, but amateur research can have disastrous consequences.  More •


Advice, opinion and expertise on estate administration. More •

FAQ - Dealing with inheritance from abroad

We look at the issues involved when transferring or selling foreign assets for probate. More •

Estate Administration Timeline

Our services can help you through each key step of the estate administration process.
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Rules of Intestacy

Find out who inherits if someone dies without leaving a will. More •

Probate genealogists - our work explained

Title Research is one of the leading probate genealogists in the UK, finding over 3,500 beneficiaries each year. More •

Heir hunters - know your rights

What should you do if approached by an heir locator and you are asked to sign a percentage fee agreement? More •

An overview: Court of Protection and Mental Capacity Act 2005

Brian Bacon, Senior Associate at Thomson Snell and Passmore, provides an overview. More •

Useful Links

Find links to estate administration trade bodies and more. More •
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