Every life is a journey. A journey which often takes people all over the UK and overseas in the course of a lifetime. So, when they pass away locating and administering all their assets can be a challenge.

We recreate some of the most intriguing personal journeys, in order to bring their assets home for distribution to their loved ones in complex estate administration cases.

Read some of our captivating cases:

Case study one

Repatriating the North American assets of 'Pistol Pete'.

Case study two

How realising UK Assets can be a complex task.

Case study three

Repatriating US assets when the address no longer exists.

Our asset repatriation services

In today's day and age, more and more people are living abroad and with this, overseas assets including bank accounts, shareholdings and property are forming the makeup on an estate. The process of administering overseas assets is complex and varies between each jurisdiction. 

By instructing us to repatriate overseas assets, we will use our extensive experience and global network of professionals to generate more time for you and leave more money in the estate for beneficiaries. 

Each one of our asset repatriation services offer support throughout the estate administration timeline. 

The estate administration timeline

The table below highlights our applicable asset repatriation services throughout the key stages of a typical estate administration process.

Ascertain if the Deceased died testate or intestate
Ascertain entitled beneficiaries
Pay Inheritance Tax (if due)
Apply for Grant of Representation or reseal Grant (if needed)
Receive Grant of Representation
Pay any debts
Distribute estate to beneficiaries

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