Protect your client from future risk and offer resolution in complex cases

If you’re unable to locate one or more missing beneficiaries and they reappear after the distribution of the estate, it could result in a dispute. Additionally, if an unknown heir was to arise on intestacy, Personal Representatives could be held liable for the incorrect distribution of the estate.

A solution to mitigate risk in every scenario

We have an excellent success rate for locating missing beneficiaries and trace thousands of missing people every year. Although, family relationships can be complex and it’s not always possible to find missing heirs. In all cases, we mitigate risk against future disputes by either locating the missing person or providing a no-obligation quote for insurance.   

Provide cover should a missing heir come forward

In the unlikely event that we can’t find a missing beneficiary, we can help arrange Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance through our specialist insurance partners. By putting insurance in place, you’ll be protected from future risk and it can offer resolution in complex cases.

We go the extra mile to ensure Personal Representatives have peace of mind should a known or unknown heir come forward after the date of distribution.

Research methods widely accepted by insurers

Today, insurers expect Personal Representatives to make considerable efforts to find missing heirs, and will usually require a genealogy report before a policy can be underwritten.

Our research methodologies, developed over 50 years, are accepted by specialist insurers. All of our research is conducted with insurance in mind. We can also advise when insurance cover will typically be more expensive when indemnifying against a close relative of the deceased.

Case study: Securing insurance

On an intestacy that fell to the class of whole blood uncles and aunts, a solicitor instructed a firm of genealogists to identify all the beneficiaries. This firm claimed to have finished their research and the solicitor approached insurers for a Missing Beneficiary Insurance quote. The insurers rejected the work carried out by the original genealogy firm.

We were subsequently instructed and conducted research to verify the family tree. We uncovered an additional 23 potential heirs not previously identified, and obtained Missing Beneficiary Insurance for our client.

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