Missing Beneficiary Insurance

Missing Beneficiary Insurance

With our unrivalled 97% success rate for locating missing heirs, there’s no better choice of company to assist you in the distribution of an estate without the chance of future dispute. However, we go that extra mile to ensure Personal Representatives have the total peace of mind of a 100% resolution should a known or unknown heir come forward after the date of distribution.

Provide cover should a known or unknown missing heir come forward.

In the unlikely event of this happening, missing beneficiary insurance, provided by our specialist insurance partners, will ensure you’re fully covered.

The insurer will require a genealogy report before a policy can be underwritten. Our research methodologies, developed over 50 years, are accepted by major insurers and all research is conducted with insurance in mind. We can also advise when insurance cover will typically be more expensive when indemnifying against a close relative of the deceased.

Protect your client from future risk and offer 100% resolution in complex cases


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