The nature of family relationships are often complex as people become estranged, divisions occur and unknown family members unfold. These complications increase the need for genealogical research due to the fact that more missing beneficiaries need to be identified and more family trees must be reconstructed in order to identify rightful heirs. 

As a provider of genealogical research services, we often find that historical events can play a significant part in the make-up of a family and we often uncover the most fascinating family histories and circumstances.

Read some of our captivating cases:

Case study one

Avoiding misdistribution: a festive message saves the day.

Case study two

How world history played a key part in researching a family tree.

Case study three

Drama on the high seas: the man who sailed off into the sunset.

Our genealogical research services

At Title Research, we believe beneficiaries are entitled to be distributed to following a lawful administration, irrespective of whether the estate is testate or intestate. With our genealogical research services, we're committed to proving entitlement, locating missing or unknown beneficiaries and verifying or reconstructing family trees helping you accelerate the estate administration process.

Using over 50 years of experience, we work with our clients to solve complex estate administration problems with our specialist solutions. Minimising any future risk or liability.


The estate administration timeline

The table below highlights our applicable genealogical research services throughout the key stages of a typical estate administration process.

Ascertain if the Deceased died testate or intestate
Identify, value and secure assets
Pay Inheritance Tax (if due)
Apply for Grant of Representation or reseal Grant (if needed)
Receive Grant of Representation
Gather in assets (UK and overseas)
Pay any debts

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