Global Bankruptcy Searches

Global Bankruptcy Searches

Our fixed fee global bankruptcy searches cost just £49 plus VAT and disbursements. If a beneficiary resides outside of England and Wales, it is recommended to check their bankruptcy status before distributing any money to them.

Let our specialists do the hard work for you.

Help protect Personal Representatives from later dispute.  This crucial service, which cannot be conducted online, will ensure that any debt settlements do not take a higher priority when the estate funds are distributed.

£49 plus VAT

To assist you with paying the overseas heirs their entitlement we have partnered with specialist currency provider TorFx who can potentially help you save time and money with excellent exchange rates and fee free currency transfers. To obtain a free quotation and set up an account please visit the currency transfer page on our website.


Check the bankruptcy status of a beneficiary from just £49
*plus VAT and disbursements


Looking for a quotation to distribute an inheritance overseas?


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