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Episode 5 - Heledd Wyn discusses long-term care

Episode five of Topical Talks features expert guest, Heledd Wyn, Associate Director and Head of Long Term & Elderly Care at Gregg Latchams. Heledd specialises in estate planning, long term care and asset protection. She is a member of STEP, sat on the STEP Mental Capacity Global Special Interest Group for six years, and is also an accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly.

In this episode, we focus on the topic of long-term care. We discuss what Heledd's role on the STEP Mental Capacity Global Specialist Interest Group entailed, how private client practitioners can add value to long-term care, how long-term care can impact estate administration, and the biggest challenges for legal professionals specialising in elderly client law. 





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Episode 4: Jeff de-Rhune talks insurance in estate administration

In episode four of Topical Talks, Title Research is joined by Jeff de-Rhune, Director of Trust, Probate and Estates at Trust & Probate Insurance. Jeff de-Rhune is an expert in insurance when it comes to estate administration and has an abundance of knowledge in this area. In the episode we discuss how insurance has evolved and when insurance is essential in estate administration.


Episode 3: Martin Holdsworth discusses contentious probate

In this episode, we are joined by Martin Holdsworth, Founder and Director of the inheritance dispute resolution law firm,  IDR Law. It explores the topic of contentious probate where Martin is extremely knowledgeable. We discuss how contentious probate has evolved, common areas of dispute, why it's important for non-contentious lawyers to understand contentious processes, and more. 



Episode 1: Roser Coll discusses Spanish probate law

In the first episode of Topical Talks with Title Research, we speak to Roser Coll, Partner at TEMIS & Co. Roser is experienced in Spanish probate law and we discuss the differences and challenges that legal professionals face when dealing with Spanish assets in an estate. Roser is joined by Title Research's Head of Business, Anthony Allsopp and Technical Specialist, Leanne Gover.



Episode 2: Michael Culver's thoughts on the legal sector

In episode two of Topical Talks, Title Research is joined by Michael Culver. Michael is Chairman of Solicitors for the Elderly and a Partner at Bolt Burdon Solicitors. We talk about what Michael's role as Chairman of Solicitors for the Elderly entails, challenges facing legal professionals specialising in elderly client law, how the industry has developed, predictions for changes in the legal sector and more.



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You won't want to miss our upcoming episodes with highly credible individuals in the industry. Topics coming up include contentious probate, mental capacity law, insurance and predictions for the legal sector. Our upcoming guests include:

  • Heledd Wyn of Gregg Latchams

  • Holly Mieville-Hawkins of Enable Law


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