Family Tree Verification


We always recommend that family trees are professionally verified to ensure that all entitled people are included, and unentitled people are excluded. This protects Personal Representatives from any potential future liability from unknown beneficiaries.

Are you certain…

• Are you certain that the child adopted in was legally adopted in?

• Did the cousin who predeceased have children with his first wife?

• You’re aware that an uncle has died, however, are you confident he didn’t get married?

• Was the Deceased’s mother definitely an only child?

Our FamilyChecker™ service is designed to provide this peace of mind. If you provide us with a believed complete family tree, our experienced genealogy team will check it for accuracy by:

 Documenting any events of birth, marriage, death or adoption that have not already been obtained

• Carrying out confirmatory searches of the birth and marriage indices to make sure that the family tree is correct

• Interviewing all potential heirs to make sure that all information is correct



This service provides added peace of mind and clarity to Personal Representatives.

For a single fixed fee, we will fully verify the family tree you provide us and obtain any missing documentation needed to confirm that it is correct.

On completion of this work, we will provide you with:

✓ An insurance policy arranged by Trust & Probate Insurance - part of Legal & Contingency Limited, a specialist insurance intermediary and Lloyd’s of London Coverholder*

TR - Trust & probate insurance-01

✓ Certificates proving entitlement (where not provided at the outset)

✓ A distribution schedule detailing fractional entitlement

✓ A diagrammatic family tree


Please note:

* A missing beneficiary indemnity policy protecting the Personal Representatives and beneficiaries from any potential future liability, in respect of any unknown beneficiaries entitled under the laws of intestacy

This service is only available for UK research

The cost of the Insurance policy is included in our fee.


Help provide peace of mind for Personal Representatives


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