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Genealogical research

We offer genealogical research services with 100% case resolution. At home or overseas, we use our experience and expertise of over 50 years to deliver smooth, cost effective services to you and your clients. We minimise any future risk or liability, making us the best choice to trace and locate missing beneficiaries and reconstruct family trees.

  • FROM £299
    Tracing Missing or Unknown People
    Tracing Missing or Unknown People
  • FROM £1,500
    Reconstructing Family Trees
    Reconstructing Family Trees
  • Administrator Searches
    Administrator Searches
  • Creating a Statutory Will
    Creating a Statutory Will
  • DocuSearch
  • Dormant and Orphan Balances
    Dormant and Orphan Balances
  • Family Tree Verification
    Family Tree Verification
  • Locating Wills
    Locating Wills
    Missing Beneficiary Insurance
    Missing Beneficiary Insurance
Our Services

Repatriating assets

We use our extensive experience and global network of local professionals to generate more time for you and leave more money in the estate for beneficiaries, assisting you in the repatriation of overseas assets as quickly and seamlessly as possible, wherever they are located.

  • Administering Foreign Shares and Funds
    Administering Foreign Shares and Funds
    Dealing with North American Assets
    Dealing with North American Assets
  • £49 FIXED FEE
    Global Bankruptcy Searches
    Global Bankruptcy Searches
  • Probate Valuation
    Probate Valuation
  • Valuing and Managing UK Assets
    Valuing and Managing UK Assets
  • Medallion Signature Guarantee
    Medallion Signature Guarantee

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