We regularly deliver informative webinars hosted by technical experts in genealogy and asset repatriation.

Intestate estates: How a genealogist can help and how to manage risk

There is a lot to consider when presented with an intestate estate, including diligently searching for a Will, working out who inherits under the rules of intestacy in the relevant country, and finding missing or unknown relatives of the Deceased. 

On Wednesday 22nd February at 12pm, Technical Manager Simon Barber and Head of Business Anthony Allsopp will present our next virtual seminar on the topic. Simon and Anthony will cover:

✔️ How to best advise your clients when instructing genealogists
✔️ How to manage the risk to your firm when instructing genealogists
✔️ An intestacy case study and how genealogy can help ensure correct distribution

There will also be a live Q&A session to answer any of your questions.


Even if you can't join us on the day, please still register - registrants will receive a link to the recording after the virtual seminar has taken place.

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