We regularly deliver informative webinars hosted by technical experts in genealogy and asset repatriation.

Next virtual seminar:

Gathering in and managing assets in estate administration

Wednesday 18th May at 12pm

Assets are becoming more complex and it is now common for estates to include shareholdings, investment accounts, and bank accounts located in foreign jurisdictions.  

That's why our next virtual seminar will discuss some of the common pitfalls that our clients encounter when trying to manage these assets, including timescales, cost, and risk.

More specifically, in addition to a live Q&A session, we will cover:

✔️ What can be outsourced to a specialist
✔️ Identifying assets
✔️ Financial Asset Searches
✔️ Valuing and verifying shareholdings
✔️ North American Assets
✔️ Obtaining foreign Grants or resealing UK Grants
✔️ UK shareholdings

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