Genealogical research

Whether it’s locating named beneficiaries or checking and reconstructing family trees, there’s no company better qualified to help you distribute an estate at home or overseas – and without the chance of future dispute.

We understand that family relationships can be complex. People lose touch and divisions occur. Our proven expertise in applied genealogical research means that you can be sure that every branch of a family tree has been identified so you’ve always got the best information to work with.

Working smarter on your behalf

With a 97% success rate for locating missing heirs at home and overseas, we’re committed to successfully completing every case we undertake. We know where to look and where to avoid; when to dig deeper and when to move on. This acquired knowledge and experience allows us to complete your requests quickly and completely. And crucially, we believe that every beneficiary should receive their full financial entitlement, so we will always aim to charge a fixed fee and not a percentage of the inheritance.

Plus, we provide a flexible service that can accommodate whatever level of investigation you require. So if you just need help with the final piece of an inheritance puzzle, or would like us to verify a family tree and contact all the beneficiaries, we’ve got the expertise and the resources to help. Turn to us when you’re looking for absolute clarity.

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