Repatriating assets

When assets such as funds or shares are located overseas, our experience translates into successful transactions. We understand the pitfalls and the processes, with on-the-ground experts to help sell or transfer the necessary assets in the quickest possible time.

The valuation and repatriation of assets from abroad can be complex, with different rules, forms and processes to navigate in each individual country. In America, these complications can differ from state to state. Get a detail wrong and your application can be rejected, costing you money and time.

At Title Research, we don’t get the details wrong. Our expert repatriation team know what needs to be done in any international jurisdiction and do it quickly, leaving you to focus on your priorities.

Overseas expertise

Furthermore, we can obtain and reseal Grants of Probate from almost anywhere in the world and as an official UK holder of the Medallion Signature Guarantee Stamp, we can bypass lengthy North American bank clearance processes and fast-track your international asset transfers.

Take advantage of our trusted, timely service.

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