If you have been presented with an intestate estate, Title Research can support you by either professionally verifying a complete tree that a family has provided you or fully reconstructing a tree where little or no information is known.
Mitigating risk on intestacy - are you certain:
  • That the cousin who predeceased had children with his first wife?

  • That the child adopted in was legally adopted in?

  • That the deceased uncle didn't get married? 

  • That the deceased's mother was definitely an only child?

It is vital that you ensure that all entitled people are included, as well as making sure that unentitled people are excluded. The increasing complexity of family relationships - more frequent adoptions (both in and out), children born outside of the traditional marriage and people having children with multiple partners - all combine to make family tree verification more important than ever.

In particular, we strongly advise documenting all events - birth, marriage, death, adoption, civil partnership for example - to make sure that everyone you think is entitled genuinely is. 

Do you have a complete family tree?

Our FamilyChecker™ Service

We always recommend that family trees are professionally verified to ensure that all entitled people are included and unentitled people are excluded. This provides added peace of mind and clarity to Personal Representatives, as well as protecting them from any future liability from unknown beneficiaries.

Upon receipt of a complete family tree, we will check for accuracy by:

  • Documenting any event of birth, marriage, death or adoption

  • Carry out confirmatory searches of the birth and marriage indices

  • Interview all potential heirs

We will complete all this work for a single fixed fee. On completion of this work, we will provide you with an insurance policy (in partnership with Trust & Probate Insurance), certificates proving entitlement (where not provided at the outset), a distribution schedule detailing fractional entitlement and a diagrammatic family tree. 

Our Family Tree Reconstruction Service

Our Family Tree Reconstruction service will give you greater insight into family lines. In cases of intestacy or partial intestacy, this proven service will document all events of birth, marriage, death, divorce and adoption for family members globally.  Our expert team of genealogy specialists are experienced problem solvers, so, if you’re presented with incomplete, misleading or even no information at all, we can help you help your client.

We meticulously descend each family line and investigate all of the entitled heirs. We will strive to find the most cost effective solution to your intestacy matter, either on a fixed-fee basis or time and expenses.

None of our solutions involve commission or contingency fees and if required, we will obtain insurance, reducing the risk of a future claim to you and your client. All family tree reconstructions include a free Certainty Will search within the fee alongside a distribution schedule in the final report.

Working in partnership with Trust & Probate Insurance

Trust and Probate Insurance

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