Summer 2023 Entitlement

Introducing the summer 2023 edition of Entitlement

Jul 11, 2023 10:13:31 AM

The summer 2023 edition of Title Research’s news digest, Entitlement, is now available and features the following articles:

  • ‘UK/French blended families: Succession and Inheritance Tax issues’. Charlotte Macdonald, Senior Associate Solicitor in the International and Cross-Border Team at Stone King LLP, discusses the topic of blended families in the UK and France, covering succession and Inheritance Tax issues that professionals should be aware of.

  • ‘Marriages – to love, honour, and take everything you own?'. Sarah Bolt, Managing Associate at Freeths LLP, considers whether the law safeguards the most vulnerable from predatory marriages.

  • ‘Emigration, immigration, and probate genealogy’. Sam Jarvis, Case Manager at Title Research, explores the potential obstacles and solutions associated with emigration, immigration, and locating beneficiaries overseas.

  • ‘Common misconceptions about intestacy and probate genealogy’. We discuss adoption vs fostering, common law marriages, blended families, documenting events, and more.

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Topics: Genealogical research, Intestacy, Entitlement, Inheritance