Winter Entitlement 2020

Introducing the winter 2020 edition of Entitlement

Jan 27, 2020 4:46:33 PM

The winter 2020 edition of Title Research's news digest, Entitlement, has arrived and it features articles about: 

  • Giving Chartered Legal Executives equality of opportunity is vital to ensuring a diverse, competitive and dynamic legal market. By Matthew Foster, Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. 

  • The currency question - overcoming the challenges of exchange rate volatility. By TorFX.

  • Contingency fee arrangements for unknown beneficiaries: the risks to Personal Representatives and how it can and has gone wrong

  • Locating the missing root: working with specialist genealogists to conduct family tree research

  • Specialist support for estate administration. 

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Winter 2020 Entitlement

Topics: Family tree reconstruction, Entitlement, Estate administration, Currency, Legal Services