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Designed for solicitors that become aware of a death where no Will has been left and there are no-known next of kin, this service is offered with 100% no risk, if we can’t find a suitable Personal Representative then there is no fee to pay.

We will conduct all of the work required to locate a relative who is willing and able to act as a Personal Representative, giving you the opportunity to then administer the estate.  95% of Administrators we locate choose this option.

Instruct us with 100% no risk

If the Personal Representative does not instruct you to act in the administration of the estate, then there is no fee to pay.

Furthermore, all administrator charges include a free Certainty Will search included in the fee.

Locate a Personal Representative at 100% no risk
Includes a free Certainty Will search


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We’re proud to be one of the world’s leading people tracing and asset repatriation specialists, and our expert team can help you meet any estate administration challenge. Get in touch today.

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