Best practice, says ‘prove it’ and we can help by obtaining any missing documents you may have for a single fixed price.

Our DocuSearch service will order and obtain certificates from England and Wales and Scotland – births, adoptions, marriages, civil partnerships, Decree Absolutes, deaths and Wills and Grants or Confirmations. Most documents can be obtained within a week from the date of instruction.

We make locating all the certificates needed to support intestacies, or verify the information provided by beneficiaries, a timely and cost effective process.

Make Title Research your first call for certificates.

We’ll do all the legwork to provide certificates for:

Births, marriages, civil partnerships & deaths

Decree Absolute


Wills and Grants

This popular, excellent value, fixed fee service leaves you free to focus on more pressing priorities.

We can also obtain documents from overseas, however, access restrictions and data protection rules make this more challenging than doing so here in the UK. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation should the certificate you require originate from outside of the UK.

We can provide certificates for a fixed fee starting from just £50*
*plus VAT and disbursements


Looking for help or guidance? Call now 0345 87 27 600 or email


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