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Dormant and Orphan Balances

Dormant and Orphan Balances

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) expects legal professionals to take all necessary steps to return unclaimed client funds. If the client cannot be found, solicitors need to provide evidence which shows they have tried to trace the client.

We can help in both instances.

The Law Society recommends the use of a tracing agent as one of the steps you can take to locate missing clients. Our excellent service includes locating a current UK address, identifying any forwarding addresses and establishing if a client has passed away.

And if there are more than 100 such funds in an account, we’ll even come to you to carry out our tracing services at your offices, if it’s easier for you.

Contact us to act as a tracing agent and seamlessly return unclaimed funds


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Dormant and Orphan Balances
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Unclaimed client fund donated to charity following successful research

A recent case saw over £11,000 of unclaimed client funds donated to the Salvation Army after Title Research successfully proved that there were no surviving beneficiaries. The case...

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