Quickly and efficiently sell UK shareholdings

We offer a selection of highly competitive services to assist with the valuation and verification of assets, including the sale of UK shareholdings. Our many years of experience allow us to confidently guarantee a fast and accurate service when realising assets or selling UK shareholdings on behalf of the Personal Representatives.

Quickly sell shareholdings

Our asset repatriation specialists will always identify the quickest way to sell a shareholding. If the share certificates are missing, we can advise on the best approach from the following options:

  • Complete the appropriate forms and pay a missing certificate fee. This can often be a faster approach if the Share Registrar allows.

  • When the share certificates are required in order to sell, we can arrange replacement certificates if the originals have been lost.

In many circumstances, if you are administering an estate that includes certificated UK shareholdings and need to liquidate them quickly, we can assist by helping to accelerate the estate administration process for you and your clients.

Typically, we can sell most UK certificated holdings within 48 hours and you can be in receipt of funds into your client account seven to ten days thereafter.

The below timeline allows us to complete the process quickly:

  • Instruct Title Research to sell a certificated UK shareholding

  • Shares sold and a contract note provided within 48 hours

  • Proceeds remitted into your client account within 7-10 working days

  • Receive proceeds quickly to accelerate the estate administration process

Making the process easy for you and your clients

We will draft all required sales documents and send them directly to your client clearly indicating where signatures of the Executor(s) are required. By allowing us to take care of this paperwork, we can save you valuable time and speed up the process.

Case study: Great Universal Stores

Our client had come across Great Universal Stores (GUS plc) share certificates and wanted to verify the shares held in the estate. We identified that the GUS plc shares no longer existed and the shareholder would now hold shares in Burberry, J Sainsbury and Experian. This was due to a number of corporate actions that had taken place since 2005. When we verified the shareholdings, we were also instructed to check whether additional funds were due to the estate from unclaimed dividends. We found that payments from the acquisition by J Sainsbury remained unclaimed. We collected in the dividend cheques and sold the shareholdings in Burberry, J Sainsbury and Experian.

Probate valuation and verification

Our asset repatriation specialists can also verify and value the shareholdings, confirming if the certificates held are still valid. Once verified, we can arrange the sale of the shareholding on your behalf.

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