Reconstructing Family Trees

Reconstructing Family Trees

Our transparent, fixed fee family tree reconstruction service will give you total clarity of every family line.

In cases of intestacy or partial intestacy, this proven service will document all events of birth, marriage, death, divorce and adoption for family members globally.

Our expert team of genealogy specialists are experienced problem solvers, so, if you’re presented with incomplete, misleading or even no information at all, we can help you help your client.

We meticulously descend each family line and identify all of the entitled heirs (or to prove a negative).

Reconstructing Family Trees

We will then formally contact each and every beneficiary and confirm their identity, regardless of where they reside.

We will also apply this service where insurance is to be obtained for an estate, reducing the risk of a future claim to you and your client to the minimum.

Furthermore, all family tree reconstructions include a free Certainty Will search included in the fee alongside a distribution schedule in the final report.

Reconstructing Family Trees



Mitigate risk on intestacy with our Family Tree Reconstruction service


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