Mitigate risk on intestacy with our Family Tree Reconstruction service

Family structures continue to increase in complexity which can make estate administration more challenging than ever before, especially when you’re dealing with intestacy. There are a number of factors that contribute to the rise in complicated family dynamics including increasing numbers of:

  • Multiple marriages

  • Blended families

  • Adoptions in and out of families

  • Informal name changes

  • Cohabiting couples

The importance of family tree reconstruction

It’s crucial that you ensure only entitled people receive their rightful inheritance to avoid misdistribution which can lead to future claims against the estate. We can reconstruct the family tree to ensure all entitled people are included, and unentitled people are excluded.

Personal Representatives can be held personally liable if mistakes are made and as their legal counsel, you could face a negligence claim.

We meticulously descend each family line and investigate all of the entitled heirs.

Our family tree reconstruction service gives you greater insight into the family. In cases of intestacy or partial intestacy, this proven service will document all events of birth, marriage, death, divorce and adoption for family members globally.

We apply the relevant rules of intestacy for your jurisdiction and meticulously descend each family line to investigate all of the entitled heirs (or to prove a negative). We will then contact each beneficiary and confirm their identity, regardless of where they reside.

Experienced problem solvers

Our expert team of genealogy specialists are experienced problem solvers, so if you’re presented with incomplete, misleading or even no information at all, we can help you help your client. We can recreate a family tree with very limited initial information – usually, we can do this even if all you have is the deceased’s death certificate.

Case study: Protecting you from misdistribution

We have seen a number of our clients come close to a misdistribution because family relationships are not always as they seem. This case study is a good example of how we save our clients from incorrectly distributing the estate.

We were instructed to verify a deceased person’s paternal family. The estate was expected to be passed to the whole blood Aunts and Uncles class or passed on to their issue if predeceased. After researching the paternal family, we found 14 potential heirs. On the maternal side of the family, the Personal Representative was believed to be the only heir.

However, the only believed maternal heir sadly died before distribution. We were then asked to verify the maternal side of the family tree so our client could acquire Missing Beneficiary Insurance. As a result, we located 62 maternal heirs in total, resulting in 76 entitled heirs overall.

Transparent pricing methods

We are proud to never work on a commission or contingency basis. Our role is simply to prove entitlement and assist in distributing the estate, so our fees are always transparent, fair and guaranteed. The cost of our support services is never dependent on the value of an estate. The cost involved in carrying out the work always remains the same, regardless of the sums at stake.

A free initial stage of research

Determining the likely fees for a genealogy project can be very difficult. Much will depend on how large the family turns out to be and if any parts of the family moved overseas. Often this information is not known at the outset. To help counter this, we have developed an approach to quoting fees that will improve accuracy, whilst providing the best advice for our clients.

In many instances, we will prepare a free Research Assessment Report to provide an accurate assessment of your project. As part of this, we may carry out some searches to determine how large one or both sides of a family tree are likely to be or check to make sure that there are no additional siblings to those you believe already exist. Using this information, we aim to provide a realistic estimate of the number of hours of research that may be needed to resolve things.


Our reports and family trees are accepted by specialist insurers, and we can liaise with insurers on your behalf to obtain Missing Beneficiary Indemnity Insurance for estates where we have conducted the research. We make no additional charge for liaising with insurers in this way.

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