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The first step in estate administration is to determine if the deceased died testate or intestate. Will searches should be carried out to see whether a Will was left behind. Our Will Search service can help you quickly establish whether the deceased has left a Will and its whereabouts.

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When you commission Title Research to carry out this vital service, we will:

  • Search the Certainty National Will Register, which accesses more than 7 million Will registrations and searches nationally for Wills that have not been registered by solicitors and Will writers.

  • Place a notification on the Certainty Missing Wills Register

  • Contact solicitors in the area where the deceased lived (using the Certainty Will Search service).

Certainty National Will Register

Missing Will insurance

If no Will is found, we can provide you with a no-obligation quotation for missing Will insurance, providing you and your client with complete peace of mind.

Case study: Locating Wills

We were approached by a solicitor to locate a deceased man’s Will. The solicitor had been approached by the deceased’s daughter who couldn’t find the Will in her father’s home or evidence of where it may be stored. However, the daughter believed a Will existed because she’d heard him talk about his Will. After searching the Certainty National Will Register, we found the Will. This allowed the solicitor to administer the estate, as per the wishes in the Will, upon instruction from the deceased’s daughter as the named Executor.

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