Research for a Statutory Will

Research for a Statutory Will

Our specialist team can help with Statutory Will matters where the Court of Protection has ruled that a person lacks capacity and is unable to make their own Will. Creating a Statutory Will is often in the best interests of the person involved as it will prevent the estate from being distributed as if an intestacy.

Using our long-standing expertise, we can reconstruct the family tree and locate those materially affected by the Statutory Will.

In the best interests of the person involved.

We can recreate a family tree with very limited initial information – usually, we can do this even if all you have is the Person’s birth certificate. We apply the relevant rules of intestacy for your jurisdiction and meticulously descend each family line to identify all of the potentially entitled kin (or to prove a negative). We will then formally contact each and every relevant family member and confirm their identity, regardless of where they reside.

Recently, we assisted a solicitor who needed to serve notice on all of a Person’s next of kin that they were writing a Statutory Will. We identified the relevant people and our client was able to put a Will in place successfully naming charities that the Person had supported throughout her life.

Family structure is changing, and we are seeing more complex family trees presented to us. Multiple marriages, adoptions in and out of the family and informal name changes are making this work more challenging than ever before, and it is vital that the family is verified professionally in order that all potentially entitled people are included, and unentitled people excluded. Our expert team of genealogy specialists are experienced problem solvers, so, if you’re presented with incomplete, misleading or even no information at all, we can help you help your client.


Our experience and discretion can assist families with this delicate matter


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